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Adopt Mack the Greyhound as Your Pet

Meet the marvellous Mack!! Mack isnt ready for homing as he came into us with a hock fracture that we are currently fundraising for.

Mack has an old injury of his hock that happened last year whilst in the paddock at his old kennels (not with us) The injury was never treated surgically so now we need to intervene with surgery a year on after the injury. He fractured his central tarsal bone plus the top of his metatarsals and there are multiple fragments and to put it politely its just a great big mush of bone in there. He needs an arthrodesis (fusion) but he will have an intramedullay arthrodesis so instead of the plates being on top of the bone it will be fused throught centre of the bone via the calcaneus (the sticky out bone at the back of the hock) which is the equivalent to our heel bone. This reduces the chance of the repair failing and we feel its the best chance Mack has of a happy healthy life and worth the extra money. We want to raise about £6000 to ensure we can cover everything and even just a pound would be so gratefully received. I know this is the second time we’ve asked for help recently as we are so stuck as we cant get out there and fundraise yet due to Covid but any help is so gratefully received. Mack such a lovely lad. A big heft gorgeous soft boy who just needs help.Our pay pal button is on the home page of this website. Sorry to be cheeky but Mack made me do it! I know this is asking alot but he really needs surgery ASAP and we are the only folk who can help him. We do what we do for the dogs so lets do this for Mack.

Thank you so much to everyone. xxx

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