Monthly Archives: July 2017

Alfie the Greyhound Has Been Homed

Meet Alfie who is a gorgeous 2 yr old lad who came to us as he fractured his Accessory Carpal Bone. He is fully recovered now with no residual problems. Poor Alfie then went on to experience an episode of greyhound bleeding syndrome, is likely he won’t ever have another episode. We aren’t sure what caused the problem but may have slipped and banged his chest during a terrible thunder storm. This resulted in extensive bruising to his chest area. He was immediately referred to leahurst vet hospital where he received the treatment and now has the all clear and back his his normal beautiful self.

Alfie is the most gentle beautiful soul who is a joy to be with. Whoever takes Alfie into their home will be a very lucky family indeed. He has had so many set backs in his life so far so he needs that special home now where he can start living life to the full. Could you be the ones for Alfie?