Monthly Archives: January 2018

Lizzie the Greyhound Has Been Homed

Lizzie is a 5yr old girl who is a beautiful soul. She is gentle and loves life. She has corns on 2 of her feet which have just been treated and since they have gone she has transformed into a happy beautiful soul.  She is currently in foster care with 2 other greyhounds and hasn’t put a paw wrong. Lizzie has to go to a home who has another greyhound as she needs that security and is much happier not as an only greyhound. She is adorable. Could you offer Lizzie a home?

Elf the Greyhound Has Been Homed

Meet Elf. Elf is a 3yr old lad who has taken a while to adjust coming into our care. He is a complex soul who will need someone he can feel safe and secure with. The world is a big place for Elf and sometimes a bit overwhelming. He needs a home where he will be allowed to take things at his own pace and not too chaotic. We love Elf and can’t wait for him to find that special family.  Could you be the home for Elf?