Monthly Archives: May 2019

Dec the Greyhound Has Been Homed

Meet Dec! Dec is a 5yr old lad who is full of life and happiness. A lovely companion who enjoys company and being a part of anything that’s going n. We think he would suit a home where he wont be left for long periods and someone who wants a companion to be with. He is full of fun and joy but a lovely lad to be around.

Tumble the Greyhound Has Been Homed

Mr Tumble….. Now what a beautiful soul. Mr Tumble is a 2yr old lad who has joined us as he became incredibly scare of loud bangs after a race on bonfire night. He was a nervous wreck when he came to us but has started to come out of his shell a little. He needs a quite very gentle home who will have the patience and time to give him to allow him to earn to trust. He finds being out and about quite stressful so taking things slowly with him will be key. We adore Mr Tumble and if you have the time, patience and love to give him you will have a best friend for life

Molly the Greyhound Has Been Homed

Molly is a 3yr old girl and her nick name is Molly Mouse! She’s a little girl with a bubbly personality!! Like a wriggly worm if I’m being honest but a very happy wriggly worm! Molly would love a family where she will be the centre of attention and able to explore being out and about and to be a part of the family. She may be small but she is powerful. An adorable little girl with bags of personality.