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Greyhound Adoption Pre-Homecheck Questionnaire

Lancashire Greyhound Trust PRE- HOMECHECK QUESTIONNAIRE Name- Address and Postcode- Phone Number (include your area code and mobile number if applicable)- When is it best to call you?- Email Address Do you have your own transport to enable you to visit the kennels?- Tell us about the other people who live in your house full time. Please include any children under 16yrs that regularly visit …
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Is a Greyhound The Right Dog for Me?

40mph Couch Potatoes Greyhounds, naturally, are wonderful to have as pets and most will happily snooze the day away. They are not called ’40mph couch potatoes’ for nothing! They do not require huge amounts of exercise and are quite content with a couple of half hour walks a day. Most are very good with other dogs as they are used to being around dogs in …
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