Behaviour Advice

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Is your greyhound displaying behaviour that you don’t understand?

It could be something very simple to deal with – Don’t panic!!

It may seem as if we have put a great deal of emphasis on behaviour onto our site and you may be thinking ‘greyhounds can’t be that bad’! They are not, but ALL dogs, no matter what breed, can have difficulties and it is normally this that puts a strain on the relationship between dog and owner/s. This is so you have an immediate reference to help you if have a difficult patch.

‘Paws’ for one moment!!! – If you can’t find the answer just contact us or phone . We are always happy to help you. We can’t guarantee total success but if you are really struggling, don’t feel like you are on your own – you are not!


CAUTION – This section should only be used as a guide to what may be causing any problems. If you are having on-going issues you should seek help from a qualified behaviourist to ensure you are dealing with the issue appropriately.

A list of suitably qualified behaviourists can be found at the Association of Pet Behaviour Councillors (APBC) website. They also have some wonderful dog behaviour articles on their site.

The articles on our site were written by Patricia Hunter at Canine Concepts who is a qualified full-time dog behaviourist and trainer. We have her full permission to use the literature on our site.
Their site is packed full of articles about dog training and how to solve common behaviour problems. Her shop has many innovative and unique products to help care for your dogs.

Dog Star Daily

Another great site is Dog Star Daily which covers many common problems dogs can develop. There is loads of information and downloads to look at and listen too. It is written by Dr Ian Dunbar, a vet who was the first person to develop the concept of pet dog training!! If you follow his advice you will not go wrong.

Lancashire Greyhound Trust Tips and Tricks

We have also included some of our own favourite tips and tricks. Have a look at our links section for some great dog websites that may help you if you are interested. We can’t guarantee total success but if you are really struggling you are advised to seek help from a qualified behaviourist.

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