Dog Friendly Places and Walks For Greyhounds

This will be a place where we can post your suggestions of walks, pubs that welcome dogs, and other places to visit where you and your 4 legged friends can have a day out together.

It’s a work in progress so keep coming back!

Any suggestions? Then contact us to tell us your favourite dog friendly days out!

Thank you!

Walks – There are so many places we didn’t know even existed! Some are more dog friendly than others but have a browse through and let us know if you find any good ones!!

Some great walks can also be found at visit Lancashire – Here you can explore a wealth of walks of varying lengths and difficulties.

There are also a selection of tramper trails so the whole family can join in whether by mobility scooters or by foot.

Here are some links we like

Tramper Trails in Lancashire

Find great dog walk places near home, and print out new dog walks and beaches that allow dogs for when you’re on holiday or travelling on business.

Need somewhere to stretch your legs on a long journey?

The Motorway Walks for drivers and dogs are tried and tested short walks within 5 miles of UK motorway exits. As well as essential doggie info, you get up to date traffic directions, a dog-friendly pub, cafe or picnic spot on the walk, whether the paths are good for wheelchairs and buggies, and kids’ activities as well.

Travelling dogs will find all their home comforts on Driving with Dogs. From cottages, hotels and campsites where dogs are welcome, to dog washers and groomers who come to you. And there are lots of country pubs too, many with dog biscuits and treats at the bar for good dogs!

Driving with dogs – Great website to explore for lots of things to do and places you can go when out and about with your dog!!
There’s lots to explore on Driving with Dogs, so come on in.

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