Elf the Greyhound Has Been Homed

Meet Elf. Elf is a 3yr old lad who has taken a while to adjust coming into our care. He is a complex soul who will need someone he can feel safe and secure with. The world is a big place for Elf and sometimes a bit overwhelming. He needs a home where he will be allowed to take things at his own pace and not too chaotic. We love Elf and can’t wait for him to find that special family.  Could you be the home for Elf?



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Interested in Adopting a Greyhound?

Enquiries should be directed by telephone or text message to Lancashire Greyhound Trust

Someone will be in touch within 48hrs to arrange your home visit, have a good chat and a chance for you to ask any questions.

If all is OK you can come to the kennels in Ormskirk, Lancashire and find your forever greyhound!

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