Frequently Asked Questions

Homing Greyhounds

Greyhounds are very adaptable and our rehoming policies are very flexible. Even if you work, have children, cats or are unable to go for long walks, it is still worth calling us.
We may have the perfect greyhound for you in our kennels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are greyhounds highly strung?
A. No. Not as a rule. As with all dogs they all have different temperaments and characters.

Q. Are greyhounds good with children?
A. It is impossible to say that greyhounds are either good or bad with children. They are the same as any other breed. Some feel comfortable around children and others don’t. We have recently made it policy that we do not rehome to families with children under the age of 6yrs as the majority of greyhounds we have for rehoming have never been around small children and below that age they are often head height to the greyhound. This means they are eye to eye with the greyhound and this can often be quite stressful and disconcerting to the greyhound so we don’t want to place them in such a position as this can make them vulnerable and anxious. We will, however, look at each individual rehoming request as we receive them and assess if we have any suitable greyhounds in at that time.

Q. How much exercise do they need?
A. Toilet considerations apart, very little indeed. Thirty minutes, twice a day is usually more than enough. Greyhounds are sprinters and their energy gets used up in short bursts.

Q. Is muzzle wearing obligatory?
A. It is better that the dog is muzzled when you are out and about. They are quite used to it and associate it with pleasurable walks.

Q. Will I need a special bed for the dog?
A. No. An old quilt folded in two is perfect. But they are used to sleeping off the ground and will need no encouragement to take over your bed as well as your settee. They do like to stretch out.

Q. How do greyhounds get on with other dogs?
A. They are no different from other breeds of dogs when it comes to getting on with others. Some will like or dislike certain dogs and it also depends on the dog they meet!  Many have not encountered other breeds of dogs before nor seen them so they can often be curious as to what the other breed of dog may be! With gentle positive approach they will often become familiar with what other breeds loo like and adapt well. There will be an initial wariness, but familiarity and common sense is the order of the day.

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Interested in Adopting a Greyhound?

Enquiries should be directed by telephone or text message to Lancashire Greyhound Trust

Someone will be in touch within 48hrs to arrange your home visit, have a good chat and a chance for you to ask any questions.

If all is OK you can come to the kennels in Ormskirk, Lancashire and find your forever greyhound!

Please Consider Donating Lancashire Greyhound Trust

Lancashire Greyhound Trust is run by volunteers.
Please help support retired ex-racing greyhounds in our care by making a donation today.
Many thanks.

Please Donate to Lancashire Greyhound Trust

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