Greyhound Adoption Process

on 07391 178 161 or 07934 579 400on 07391 178 161 or 07934 579 400
The Adoption Process

This is very simple!!

In the first instance either fill in the pre-homevisit questionnaire and send it to us
or ring and give us the details over the phone if you’d prefer.

If you have to leave a message we will call you back as soon as we can. Don’t forget to leave your contact details.

Click here to access a copy of the questionnaire and once you have filled it in, click the submit button. We will contact you within a day or so. This just gives us some basic information from you to help us find you the right dog. Make sure your contact details are correct so we can get in touch with you. You do not need to have an email address to fill in this form. You can also contact us via email at

The Lancashire Greyhound Trust comes to visit every home that would like to adopt one of our dogs. This helps us find out about you and aids us to find exactly the right dog to match your circumstances.

It is also your chance to find out about us and ask any questions you may have. We will need to find out some information such as your address, if you have children, are there any other pets and how long would the dog be left for when you are out. We will check your garden to ensure it is safe and there are no escape routes etc and fencing needs to be at least 5ft high to ensure the safety of the greyhound and we cannot rehome to homes with children under the age of 6yrs or to homes with cats or other small furrys such as birds, rabbits and guinea pigs.

It is an important time for you to ask any questions and to feel sure you want to go ahead with committing to owning a greyhound. If we all feel everything is in place and the time is right you will be invited to come to our kennels to meet the dogs and hopefully find one of them their forever home!!

Just a polite note to ask if you do make an appointment to see the dogs, and cannot make it for whatever reason, we would really appreciate it if you could just phone to let us know as we come to the kennels to specifically meet you.

It is no problem if you do need to cancel but phoning would be appreciated. Unfortunately, you do have to make an appointment to see the dogs as we are not there all the time as everyone in the branch is a volunteer and will be coming to the kennels especially to meet you. We appreciate your understanding!

When homing a greyhound from the Lancashire Greyhound Trust you will receive a free collar, double ended training lead, halti body harness and muzzle and 4 weeks free ‘petplan’ insurance – don’t forget, as with all insurance, there will be an excess to pay and a 14 day exclusion on any illnesses/ pre existing injuries to prevent folk taking out insurance when something actually happens or a pet is suddenly diagnosed with a long term illness. Have your pet insured before this happens! (It is in the small print but we like to make you aware of this).

All of our greyhounds are microchipped, neutered, fully vaccinated, wormed and flea treated and have received a dental if recommended by a veterinary surgeon. You will have access to our post re-homing team so we are on hand even when you have taken the dog if you have any problems at all. Just ring us – we will help!

Your donations are so important to us

We do ask for a donation of £190 when adopting a greyhound (or a total of £195.00 if paying by PayPal due to the fees we are charged by paypal), which is in line with most rescue centres, to help us with the care of dogs in our kennels.

The costs to us of re homing a dog are listed below
The list below all adds up to a staggering £380 plus which, is why your donations are so important to us. This does not include kennelling fees or food costs as the amount varies per dog depending on how long they stay with us. Also, some dogs come into the charity needing veterinary care too so it is with your continued support that we can carry out our work.

  • Wormer’s – £4.00
  • Flea treatment – £6.00
  • Microchipping – £10.00
  • Vaccinations (1st and 2nd Vacc) – £60
  • Neutering – £120 – £180 – depending on complications ie undescended testicles etc.
  • Dental (if required) – £160 (and can be much more if teeth have to be extracted)

Please note that we DO NOT have the facility to accept the donation via card: it is cash, paypal or cheque (made payable to the ‘Lancashire Greyhound Trust’)

If you want to pay by PayPal please go to the home page of this website and click the donate now button on the right hand side of the page below the slideshow of recent greyhounds. We must receive the donation BEFORE we can release the dog into your care.
Please add on the PayPal fee of £5.00 that we will be charged by PayPal to receive the money via this method = £195.00p

Thank you!
Lancashire Greyhound Trust

Interested in Adopting a Greyhound?

Enquiries should be directed by telephone or text message to Lancashire Greyhound Trust

Someone will be in touch within 48hrs to arrange your home visit, have a good chat and a chance for you to ask any questions.

If all is OK you can come to the kennels in Ormskirk, Lancashire and find your forever greyhound!

Please Consider Donating Lancashire Greyhound Trust

Lancashire Greyhound Trust is run by volunteers.
Please help support retired ex-racing greyhounds in our care by making a donation today.
Many thanks.

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