Is a Greyhound The Right Dog for Me?

40mph Couch Potatoes

Greyhounds, naturally, are wonderful to have as pets and most will happily snooze the day away. They are not called ’40mph couch potatoes’ for nothing! They do not require huge amounts of exercise and are quite content with a couple of half hour walks a day. Most are very good with other dogs as they are used to being around dogs in general.

They may seem a little puzzled at some breeds at first as some may have only been used to fellow greyhounds but this tends to be overcome when they settle into their new home. They aren’t generally aggressive dogs and are mostly great with children.
Like with any dog, however, do not leave them unattended with children.

But I like to chase da Wabbits

There are, however, a few important aspects to owning a greyhound that you will need to consider before adopting one. Like any individual, one greyhound will differ from one another but by the very nature of their backgrounds they have essentially been trained in chasing and therefore not suitable for racing and come to us to be re homed.

Others have a keen interest in small furry things i.e, cats and rabbits. Like any rescue dog we simply do not know how they will be with small furries, so it is best to be forewarned and prepared. It would be irresponsible of us to pretend there will not be an issue there as we cannot say either way.

Greyhound Muzzles

We ask that you muzzle your greyhound when it is out on a walk. You will eventually get a feel as to whether you will need the muzzle for the rest of its life or not. Only you will be able to judge if the continued use of a muzzle will be appropriate or not but we would advise to be cautious.

If you are in doubt as to whether he or she needs to wear a muzzle, then keep your greyhound muzzled. They are use to wearing one and most think nothing of it.

Greyhounds are Sighthounds

The last important aspect to owing a greyhound is that we recommend you do not let them off the lead. They can run much faster than a human and up to about 40 mph!! You will not catch one if it runs away! Most will not have been taught to come on command.

Until, and even despite, they have built a bond up with you they actually have no reason to return back to you!! A small furry in the distance will be far more appealing than yourself and the majority will chase after any they see.

They will see the rabbit before you do and nothing will stop them!
It may be helpful to do some basic training at home such as a recall. They won’t be interested in learning many commands but the recall is incredibly useful. They probably won’t come back though if they are in the middle of chasing something!

Like owning any dog, be sensible if you feel your dog can be let off lead. Only choose a safe enclosed space and wait until there are no dogs near by to distract them. If in any doubt don’t let them off as you their owner will be liable for any incident that occurs.

Trust your instincts as you will probably be right! We ask that you think carefully before you do it.

Greyhounds Make Wonderful Pets

Don’t be put off by what we have told you as any breed you’re home will have it’s own special considerations.
Greyhounds have probably less problems than some breeds you may consider. They are steady loyal dogs who love nothing more than a chance to be a part of a family.

With love and patience you will have a wonderful companion and once you have had one greyhound – be prepared as you won’t be able to imagine not having a greyhound friend ever again!

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