Kay the Greyhound Has Been Homed

We may have a potential home now for Kay

Meet Kay who is 20 months old. After she came into our care it was discovered she has a very irregular heart beat. She was referred to Leahurst Vet Hospital to the cardiology team and she has Atrial Fibrillation, Mitral valve and tricuspid valve dysplasia (which is congenital so was born with the problem, a grade 5 to 6 heart murmur and a VERY enlarged left atrium. She is also in heart failure and a blood test called troponin I came back high which indicates there is damage to the heart muscle.

Little Kay is the happiest soul alive and outwardly she is fine! It is just so unfair. The cardiologists are estimating she may have 6 mths to a year to live now so we need to find her a forever foster home as soon as possible now so she can have the chance of a happy wonderful home where she will be loved, cuddled and cared for now for the rest of her life. She will be fully supported by the branch as she will need to be on 4 drugs for now – digoxin, frusemide, pimobendan and cardalis, and will need regular vet checks. she needs a 24hr heart monitor on in a months time too. Its finding someone who will support her needs both medically and emotionally which is a big ask but we know there is someone out there who would be perfect!!!!

She is the funniest, sweetest little girl you could ever meet! So full of fun and loves to be with you and to be a part of anything going on. All in all, she is just a normal happy soul! Dont think she even knows she isnt well!


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