Meet Frankie & Feeby

We like to celebrate our homing successes, please help us by sending any pictures and stories you may have of your dogs after their life after racing and we will put them on the web site.
We think you will all agree, these stories of our greyhounds finding their forever homes makes all the work worth while!!

Picture of Frankie and Feebs the greyhounds

I emailed a different RGT branch who I thought were our nearest branch and we had a successful home check. We visited the kennels and just outside the building there was a dog who had just arrived called Amber, We said hello then went into the kennels and saw all the calm and graceful Greyhounds looking up at us.

I was very tearful looking at these beautiful animals and having to choose just one knowing the others will be left behind was just so painful (even though i knew they would all eventually be homed)! We
decided to take four or five of them for a little walk and they all walked gracefully on their leads.

I saw Frankie and I think I fell in love with him there and then! I emailed them and Sarah called the next day. We chatted and arranged to go and have a little look at the weekend.

Picture of Feebs the greyhound laying on her bed

We met Sarah and she was excited to show us Frankie. When he appeared I just melted. He is a large boy with a brindle coat and a cheeky look on his face.
We took him for a walk and I knew then that I would now be getting TWO beautiful new friends to come and live in our home.

We arranged to pick him up after we picked up Amber (now Feeby) in a weeks time. Sarah was extremely helpful and knowledgeable regarding the behaviour, diet and training and nothing was too much trouble to her.

I couldn’t hardly sleep for the week before we were picking them up. We couldn’t wait to get them home. We bought a bed and all the things they would need.

We picked Feeby up in the morning and she wasn’t very happy in the car but she made it home and had a good sniff around. We had kept it a secret from our Daughters and their faces were an absolute picture when Feeby walked into our living room.

We then all piled into the car (poor Feeby had to be lifted in) and drove to Ormskirk were once again we met Sarah. She brought out Frankie and my daughters took him and Feeby for a walk on the field. Me and my partner spoke at length with Sarah and we decided to Foster Frankie to see how things go as it was such a change to us having dogs in the house and we didn’t want to make a mistake.

Picture of Frankie and Feebs at Christmas

We got both of them home and let them sniff around (which they did for a looooong time!). We then sat down and relaxed and so did Frankie and Feebs! They ate their tea no problem and got on really well together. Feebs had one little accident but apart from that they happily went outside and did their business.

That night we went to bed ready to be woken in the night with some whimpering but we didn’t hear a sound!! I couldn’t believe how they slept happily in what to them was a very strange place.

We decided that there was no way on this earth we could hand Frankie back so called Sarah to let her know we wanted to adopt him.

It is a whole week on and both dogs have settled in. Feebs is still quite timid but Frankie looks after her and Sarah has told us it may take her a little longer to settle and for her personality to come out. We have left them alone in the house little by little and now have it up to three hours with no problems.

They do collect trainers and anything else soft and place them on their beds which we find highly amusing!

Picture of Frankie and Feebs laying down

We love watching them have their mad five minutes jumping around and pretend fighting. They will stand for an hour just being stroked. They let us groom them and brush their teeth.

They walk beautifully on their lead and other dogs don’t bother them in the slightest. They are not afraid of traffic and noise. The television doesn’t faze them and neither does the hoover. I was worried about all these things but worrying was a waste of time.

We all adore them and we all agree that having them in our lives brings us all alot of love and fun. I don’t think our lives would be the same without them now even though it has only been a week.

If you are reading this because you are thinking of adopting one (or two!) of these beautiful dogs then take it from us, it will be one of the best decisions you will make.

Jo, John, Alex, Gem, Georgi, Frankie and Feeby! x

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