Please Check your Dog's Microchip Details

As from 6th April 2016 it became a legal requirement to have your dogs microchipped AND all details must be up to date and correct on the database. It is so common for a found dog to be scanned for a chip but to only find out the details are out of date, especially the mobile numbers, and we are unable to reunite the dog there and then. Instead they have to go to the council kennels to serve their mandatory 7 days before they then go to a rescue or rehomed.  Once the dog has served the mandatory 7 days, the old owner has no rights to their dog and cannot get them back. However, it’s so easily solved by keeping the details on the microchip up to date!!

All the Greyhound Trust greyhounds have been microchipped before adoption and the details were transferred over into the the owners names and addresses at the time of rehoming but if anyone has moved or changed their mobile number etc, please remember to get them changed over on the chip. Some rescues have placed the microchip details into their name but this is no longer possible and all dogs must be registered to the keeper of the dog. There is a £500 fine if this is not the case.  

All you need to do is click on the link below and type in the microchip number. You will then be told which database you need to contact to check your details.  If in doubt you can call any one of them and they will direct you as to the correct phone number to call.

Your chip number will be on the rehoming form or vaccination card or if in doubt, and you rehomed a dog from us just call us and We will try and help. Alternatively, your vet can scan your dog for you and they will give you the chip number .

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Someone will be in touch within 48hrs to arrange your home visit, have a good chat and a chance for you to ask any questions.

If all is OK you can come to the kennels in Ormskirk, Lancashire and find your forever greyhound!

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