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Is your dog stressed?

Is your dog stressed? Our lives are getting more and more stressful in this fast-changing world. As more pressure is put upon us and our families, as a family member, this stress is also passed unto your dog. So how can you identify if your dog is stressed and what can you do about it? Below are some behaviours that your dog may show if …
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Care of the Greyhound (part 4)


Cats It is important to remember that not only greyhounds chase cats – so do many other dogs! Greyhounds are sighthounds after all and their instincts have been deliberately bred for chasing and they have been trained to chase something small that is moving. Humans might not even realise this because a greyhound may see something seen to be worth chasing that could be up …
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Introducing New Dogs to Each Other

Introducing New Dogs to Each Other Understanding your new dogs history If your current dog and the new dog have been well dog-dog socialised, then things are going to go a lot smoother. However, if one dog is scared or cautious then care will have to be taken. Check out the history of your new dog; has he lived with other dogs before, did he …
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