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Care of the Greyhound (part 2)


Making friends If you already have a dog, please bring it with you to our kennels when you are considering a Greyhound – the dogs will pick each other! The first meeting should always be in a neutral area, this does not include any areas where your dog regularly walks, as these are considered secondary territories. Allow them to smell each other on loose relaxed …
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Why is My Dog Aggressive To Other Dogs?

Why is my dog aggressive to other dogs? Dogs can become aggressive towards other dogs for a number of reasons. They may have had bad experiences and are fearful of other dogs or they may be inexperienced in body language and may be sending out the wrong signals to other dogs. Oftentimes male dogs have become sexually mature and are then more likely to get …
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Introducing New Dogs to Each Other

Introducing New Dogs to Each Other Understanding your new dogs history If your current dog and the new dog have been well dog-dog socialised, then things are going to go a lot smoother. However, if one dog is scared or cautious then care will have to be taken. Check out the history of your new dog; has he lived with other dogs before, did he …
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