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Is your dog stressed?

Is your dog stressed? Our lives are getting more and more stressful in this fast-changing world. As more pressure is put upon us and our families, as a family member, this stress is also passed unto your dog. So how can you identify if your dog is stressed and what can you do about it? Below are some behaviours that your dog may show if …
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Care of the Greyhound (part 3)


Special needs The majority of greyhounds settle happily into family life. However there are those with specific needs who are also looking for homes. These are dogs with behavioural problems, extreme timidness or who are simply just so overwhelmed by the world outside the kennel doors that they experience adjustment problems or separation anxiety. All of these dogs require special homes to meet their individual …
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Training a Rescued Dog

Training a rescued dog It is a sad fact that dog rescue centres are often full with abandoned and homeless dogs. But thanks to increased public awareness, more and more people are responding and choose to provide a loving home to an adult rescue dog. It takes about 6 months for a rescue dog to fully settle into a new home, so you need to …
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What is Clicker Training?

What is Clicker Training? Some say that clicker training is one of the most significant advances in dog training in recent history. Derived from dolphin training, the idea behind this technique is that dogs are better able to understand exactly what we are asking of them if we are able to precisely tell them the exact moment they are doing it. This is where the …
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