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Niki the Greyhound Has Been Homed

Niki is a 3 yr old girl who is a cuddle monster!!!  Her favourite pastime is to stand next to you being cuddled. She loves to wrap her paws around your neck too for an even bigger cuddle!!  We are trying to teach her that she can get the same affection without having to jump up! Niki loves to play with her toys and enjoys …
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Why Does My Dog Keep Jumping Up at People?

Why does my dog keep jumping up at people? We invest so much time in socialising our dogs to accept meeting and playing with humans as exiting pleasurable experience. As a consequence, our dogs can’t wait to greet us or our visitors when they arrive. When this excitement manifests itself in “jumping up”, it is sort of ironic that we then tell them off for …
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Preparing Your Dog For a New Baby

Preparing Your Dog For a New Baby Many dogs have been raised as the focus of attention around the family home. The introduction of a new baby to the family can upset this dynamic and should be planned and prepared for well before the baby’s arrival. What should I do to prepare for the arrival of a new baby? The arrival home of a new …
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